Holiday Decoration with Faux Stone Panels

Decorating home for holidays brings an excitement but you might not be able to get this excitement if you are confused about it due to any reason. One of the reasons for this confusion is the lack of finances which are required to accomplish a home renovation project. And since these holidays come in winters, stone is the most preferable item for this renovation. And you may have knowledge about how costly the stones can be when they are considered for interior decoration.

Good news is that we have faux stone panels which look exactly like real stone but they are not in fact the stones. The texture and design of faux stone panels makes them look quite like real stones installed on the walls. These panels are less expensive as compared to the real stones. Moreover, these panels are highly durable.

Accent wall

When you look at your living room, you may think about adding something which could give an extra exposure to the room. That ‘something extra’ may be the faux stone panel.  You can use these panels to create an accent wall. You don’t have to install these panels on entire wall for this purpose. You can pick a portion and apply panels in this portion. Accent walls look great in kitchen and bedrooms as well.

Kitchen backsplash

Paneling in the backsplash area can give your kitchen the character you would always want. You can consider installing these faux panels in the kitchen backsplash area without fearing about the moisture because these panels are made water resistant. Moreover, the mold and mildew do not get hold of the surface of these panels. Thus, it is quite easy to clean the surface of these panels.

Shower Interior

One of the places which you can make cozier with the help of faux stone panels is the interior of shower. Holiday comes in winter season and you need to make every arrangement in the home to bring coziness. Faux stone panels tend to create an environment which can be created only with the help of stones. As mentioned earlier, these panels are good against moisture. So, you can expect this arrangement to stay in your bathroom for many years to come.


Another place which holds primary importance during winters is the fireplace. During holidays, your friends and family members would love to sit around the burning fireplace to have some cozy feeling while it would snowing outside. You can make your fireplace even more attractive with the help of faux stone panels.


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